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In June, 2015, the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and the Delta Institute announced the first fertilizer nitrogen offset credits generated through ACR’s new, streamlined ALM methodology, based on reducing nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions from farmland. ESI was honored to be the first V/V body to validate and verify this type of project. We look forward to seeing more projects using one of the nitrogen fertilizer reduction methodologies and protocols developed by ACR, VCS and CAR. Read more>>>

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ESI   Environmental Services, Inc. (ESI) is a leading full-service environmental consulting firm based in the South with national and international experience. Founded in 1986, ESI has nine offices in Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida, with headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida.

Environmental Solutions, Industry-Leading Technical Expertise

ESI’s seasoned team of professional environmental consultants provides superior solutions for environmental, natural, cultural and sustainable resource needs in private and public sectors.

Recognized for excellent customer service and industry-leading technical expertise, ESI specializes in: environmental permitting through local, state and federal agencies; environmental site assessment and permitting; air quality; soil evaluation; wetlands mitigation and analysis; archaeology and cultural resource studies; underwater archaeology; endangered and threatened species studies; forestry and land management; stream restoration; Geographic Information System (GIS); and sustainable and carbon services.

ESI and Sustainability

ESI promotes sustainability in our business and in our community through the ongoing development of environmentally responsible business practices and consulting services. Our goal is to integrate environmentally responsible consulting into the framework of each client’s project to maximize value and reduce the environmental footprint. We are committed to contributing to the economic and environmental growth of the communities in which we work. Learn more about our Sustainability Services>>>

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