Construction and Implementation of River Restoration

Environmental Services, Inc. (ESI) is recognized as a leader in stream restoration design and construction, landscape modeling for watershed and riparian forest restoration, and stream mitigation banking. We offer a superior performance record in the area of stream and riparian forest restoration design and construction. Our performance record is highlighted by innovation where creativity benefits the client's objectives. We have a thorough understanding of our client's needs and the opportunities and obstacles for the available alternatives.

ESI provides construction services. With over over 10 years of stream restoration construction experience that has yielded a unique level of understanding of scheduling, construction sequencing and establishing priorities, equipment needs and limitations, manpower needs, materials needs and preparing for and reacting to storm events during construction. ESI’s construction project managers are Level 4 Rosgen trained and are on the construction site directing activities of operators for the entirety of the project. This approach to construction quality assurance is unique among construction firms but ensures a successful project.

ESI has recently conducted ten stream restoration projects in heavy urban developed areas or golf course settings. We have successfully obtained Section 404 permits for over 3,000 projects throughout Georgia, Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. We are recognized by Savannah District Corps of Engineers, US EPA, and US Fish and Wildlife Service for the superior quality of our work.

ESI is experienced in complex earthwork projects requiring balanced cut and fill. These projects include design and construction employing natural channel design with riffle-pool features to within a grade of 0.01 foot. Other features constructed in these projects include construction of flood-prone riparian areas, log and rock vane in-channel structures, wetland features and storm water detention.

ESI has a unique understanding and is experienced in construction adjacent to and within jurisdictional waters. Our construction specialty is working within jurisdictional areas.

Representative Projects:

Blue Creek Basin

Chandler Park

Beaver Creek Stream Restoration

We have worked with ESI for seven years on various projects including watershed restoration planning, contract work for various stream restoration and improvements, and to establish a stream mitigation bank in Chicopee Woods. I heartily recommend his services. We have found Environmental Services to be exceptional in their professional dealings with agencies, flexible, conscientious and diligent in their client services, and we believe they do the very best on-the-ground work in the field. As caretakers of the upper Walnut Creek watershed which encompasses approximately 2600 acres, we know that their work and cooperative approach has contributed significantly to making our streams healthier for the long term.
~ Andrea Timpone, President/CEO, Elachee Nature Science Center, 1979 - 2009
Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence, Environmental Education and Conservation

*ESI does not provide engineering or land surveying services in North Carolina and such services in North Carolina are contracted to appropriately licensed individuals and firms.

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