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We celebrate National Braille Literacy Month to promote braille literacy and recognize its inventor, Louis Braille, throughout the month of January.

ESI has worked with the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind by performing an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Investigation within the President’s House and Knowles Hall at the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind.

The purpose of the survey was to study the indoor environment of the residence to ensure that it was within comfort level for the building occupants, and to make recommendations for any repairs to improve the air quality. Read more>>>



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January is National Braille Literacy Month to promote braille literacy and recognize its inventor, Louis Braille.

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ESI's John Culver recently attended the U.S. Green Building Council North Florida Nonprofit Chapter's Green Social. Culver shared that he found attending the event valuable because, "it covers every aspect of sustainability, not just green buildings." Culver is an At-Large Director and Sustainability Specialist for the organization.

In other news, "the U.S. Green Building Council North Florida Nonprofit Chapter chose Melissa Ross of WJCT’s First Coast Connect as recipient of its 2015 Green Media Award. Ross received the award for her coverage of environmental issues in Northeast Florida through the weekly “Going Green” segment and for hosting discussions on climate change." (Source: Jacksonville<dot>com)

For more information about the U.S. Green Building Council North Florida Nonprofit Chapter, please visit: http://www.usgbcnf.org/page-1481544

ESI employees attended and ESI was an exhibitor at the Florida Energy 26th Annual Summer Symposium, which was held August 12 – 14, 2015. 

As part of the conference, ESI employees had the opportunity to participate in the “Meet the Operators” session, where we were able to interact with the FEPA board members.

ESI presented each member with an official ESI cookie!

Environmental Services, Inc. (ESI) employees have performed prescribed burns for clients in Florida and Georgia to accomplish a variety of objectives, including reducing the risk of wildfire, clearing land prior to site preparation or conversion, or restoring native habitats. In addition to planning and implementing prescribed burns, ESI staff have conducted wildfire risk assessments and prepared risk-mitigation plans as potentially required by local, state, and federal agencies.

Read more here>>>

More information (video) this week from the Department of the Interior - August 14, 2015>>>

Environmental Services, Inc. (ESI) has made a commitment through its Raleigh office to North Carolina’s Adopt-a-Stream Program.  Members of ESI’s Raleigh team will clean a stream twice a year for three years.

They cleaned their section of the Walnut Creek stream for the first time in June 2015 and will clean their section of the stream for the second time during the Fall of 2015. This was a team project initiated by ESI’s Katie Talavera in response to ESI’s objective to get more involved in our communities

Many thanks go to Ms. Talavera for introducing the program to ESI’s Raleigh, North Carolina office members.  She is responsible for getting the office employees involved, researching streams that were available for “adoption,” and finding one that had special meaning to the Raleigh office ESI performed the environmental work for the adjacent Capital Area Greenway System. (Source:http://www.raleighnc.gov/parks/content/PRecDesignDevelop/Articles/CapitalAreaGreenwayTrailSystem.html)

The Raleigh office adopted the section of the stream in the stretch of Walnut Creek between Rock Quarry Road and Rose Lane. (Please see the map.)

Ms. Talavera and fellow Raleigh office employee Megan Roy scheduled the cleanup and corralled nine office members despite very busy schedules and the 95-degree day. 

Office members were excited to help out for an hour and a half. They estimate that they collected over 100 pounds of trash in the swampy water - including, a good portion of plastic bottles, and Styrofoam in the run off area at the bottom of the stream.

The team especially enjoyed celebrating the end of the day with an ice cream sundae bar, which was organized by Ms. Roy.

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