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Environmental Services, Inc. (ESI) has a team of environmental experts who are available to speak to groups and organizations about a variety of environmental issues. While ESI has compiled a list of existing conference and seminar presentations, our experts will customize a presentation on environmental issues that will enhance and inform your business meeting, conference or seminar. Our speakers are experienced, professional and passionate about their areas of expertise.

Please contact our Marketing team  to reserve an ESI speaker for your event. Courtney Taylor, ctaylor@esinc.cc or Kit Brower, kbrower@esinc.cc

Sample Presentation Topics Include:

I. Rhodes Robinson, Founder/ Principal:
"Environmental Class for Comercial Real Estate Professionals"

ESI at Real Estate Event

Mike DeMell, Senior Vice President of Ecology:
"Right Whales: An Endangered Species Along The East Coast"

Brent Handley, Division Director of Archaeology:

Tony Pooley, P.M. Ecology & GHG Services/ Sustainability & Resiliency Development:
"Sustainable Sports Events"
"Corporate Recycling Plans"
"Sustainability 101"
Tony at the River Race
Patricia Davenport, Historic Resource Specialist:
"Performing Updated Historic Structure Surveys"
"Cemetery Studies: Best Practices"
"The Importance of Maintaining Your Historic Structure"
"Simple Masonary Cleaning Techniques"
Patricia Speaking 2    

Kevin Markham, Division Director of Ecology:
"Wetlands Permitting and Compliance"

Janice McMahon, Division Director of Forest Management:
"GHG Validation and Verification"
"Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocols and Implications"

Joseph Brinson, Senior Manager/ Forester:
“The Benefits of Prescribed Fire”
“The Basics of a Timber Sale”
“Why Should you Reforest?”
“Tree Health Assessments: Identifying Tree Disease”
“How to Value Trees in an Urban Environment”

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