ESI at the "Up the River Downtown" Annual 10K Swim!

ESI's Sustainability and Resiliency expert, Tony Pooley, was spotted at the "Up the River Downtown" Annual 10K Swim promoting Sustainability in Sports and cheering on the athletes!

The race was presented by Jumping Fish and DRC Sports, and 45 swimmers participated in an open water swim to help spotlight excellence in sports and promote the awareness campaign to Activate the St. Johns River. The race began at Jacksonville University and ended at the Riverside Arts Market at the Fuller Warren Bridge. ESI was proud to sponsor the water quality testing for the race and provided a short post-race survey to all athletes regarding Sustainability in Sports. 

What does sports have to do with Sustainability? Sporting events can bring together mass amounts of people in the community under the common cause of celebrating athleticism, strength, and excellence.   However, waste, water, and energy use at these events also generate some sort of environmental footprint. Sporting event organizers are increasing looking to “green” their events. However, sustainability is more than just being “green”; at its heart it is about efficiency, measurability, and accountability that create a positive impact and legacy for a community. This is why Sustainability Planning and Reporting are key guiding principles for sporting events.  These events can serve as an excellent platform to promote the three guiding principles of sustainability: Economic Growth, Social Inclusion, and Environmental Protection.

Sustainable sporting events can be inspiring and transformative if the event requires, measures, and reports natural and human resources in a transparent and efficient way. As a result, they will contribute to the local economy and spur tourism.  Let sustainable sports become an effective branding tool with all of our sporting events and help bring all the social and environmental benefits to making Jacksonville more sustainable.  Please contact Environmental Services, Inc. for your quick guide to Sustainability Reporting for your event, business, or home.

The survey race results are in. Of the 24 people surveyed:

  • ALL individuals indicated:
  • Interest (at least some level of) in learning more about sustainability regarding sporting events
  • Interest (at least some level of) in participating in a shoe reuse drive at a triathlon event
  • Concern for environmental issues
  • Participating in general recycling when proper resources are easily available
  • 88% of individuals indicated:
  • Willingness to pay extra for more sustainable options at events
  • Felt it was important that food provided at this event is locally and sustainably sourced
  • 83% of individuals indicated:
  • Willingness to opt out of a pre-race event bag or participation medal to reduce materials and waste generation
  • 29% of individuals indicated that the recycling visibility/placement at this event was either excellent or good, and the other 71% felt that it was okay or poor
  • 29% of participants were attending their first race
  • The majority of participants travelled from less than 10 miles, 42%, or over 30 miles, 33%. The remaining travelled between 10-19 miles, 21%, and 20-30 miles, 4%.
  • 54% of participants drove themselves, 42% carpooled or took an Uber, and one individual walked or biked.


If you are interested in taking the survey, please do so here, and thanks for your participation! 

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