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Founded in 1986 by Rhodes and Sarah Robinson, Environmental Services, Inc. (ESI) has steadily grown with a philosophy of providing quality, responsive service for clients and a corporate environment where people enjoy their work. Read more...

Brent Handley final

Environmental Services, Inc

The opportunities I have received from ESI has exceeded my own professional goals. ESI promotes personal and professional growth in all of its employees and while we have grown over the years to be one of the largest environmental consultation firms in the southeastern United States, ESI has successfully kept a small firm feel with family-like connections with all of its divisions and branch offices. The dedication to providing superior service to all of our clients and to make ourselves better people creates an exciting and enjoyable work environment.

Brent M. Handley, MA, RPA, Vice President/Technical Director


Kevin Markham Headshot Environmental Services, Inc 

ESI is a solutions-oriented organization. Whether it’s collaboration across ESI service lines or with someone in another ESI office with the expertise that would benefit a client’s project, or working with an employee to provide them the flexibility to balance personal needs with their job requirements, ESI’s culture is about solutions. Environmental consulting is about ensuring our client’s needs are met, and ESI understands that our client’s priorities are our priorities. The strength of ESI is that clients and staff can count on the support received at a local level, knowing this support is leveraged by the advantages and resources provided by the company as a whole.

Kevin Markham, Sr. Vice President/ Technical Director


Courtney Taylor final Environmental Services, Inc

My career with ESI is very different than most. I started with ESI when I was 16 years old. I would come in after school, file and answer the phones. After high school, I decided to attend the University of North Florida. When I wasn’t busy attending classes, I continued working for ESI and began gaining more responsibilities. Since I had worked for ESI for a few years and saw what great things our staff had done, I decided I was going to become a biologist. Well, I couldn’t pass Biology 101…so I changed my major to marketing and was promoted to Marketing Coordinator. This company really cares about its people and wants all employees to be as successful as possible in both their career and personal life.

Courtney Taylor, Marketing Specialist

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