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Representative Projects

Environmental Services, Inc., (ESI) is recognized as a global leader in developing scientifically based, ecological sustainability projects. Our knowledge, experience, and depth of resources have allow us to adapt quickly within the emerging greenhouse gas, carbon consulting and verification markets. ESI’s goal is to provide our clients with the most comprehensive carbon consultation services to ensure maximum value from their carbon holdings in the developing carbon market. We assist with establishing a carbon baseline using site specific data to elaborate both natural and man-made components. When project offset requirements are determined, ESI  provides market analysis of existing carbon trading platforms to identify those that will offer the maximum value for surplus credits.

Biogas Carbon Project Development
ESI provided consultation on numerous aspects of the development of a covered lagoon project in Singapore with a 250 metric ton daily capacity. The project will generate biogas which will be used to power a generator for power production. The flaring of the biogas will be metered and registered to create carbon credits. Fertilizer will also be produced as a byproduct and will be sold to local markets for agricultural use. ESI provided consultation on all elements of the process and assisted with locating funding for the project.

Biogas Carbon Project Development

Country Wide - Bangladesh
ESI provided consultation on various aspects of the development of a carbon sequestration project covering 22,000 existing domestic biogas plants and the construction of 5,000 additional units in throughout Bangladesh. The biodigesters utilize manure and human waste to generate biogas which is flared off through cookstoves. The destruction of the biogas through flaring is then metered and registered under the Gold Standard to produce carbon credits. ESI provided consultation on all elements of the process and assisted with locating funding for the project.

Carbon Sequestration Assessment
Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama
ESI conducted an assessment of the carbon sequestered through a private non-for-profit planting effort. ESI undertook to estimate an average of the carbon sequestered for each tree planted and extrapolated this data for all their planting efforts in Central America. Additional information provided through the study included an estimate of the total carbon dioxide sequestered through all of the non-for-profit’s planting efforts to date and recommendations for additional data to be collected for all future plantings to facilitate carbon credit certification.

Various Other Projects
ESI is currently working on a number of other projects associated with carbon project development, credit sales and verification under multiple different protocols, exchanges and registries, but as mentioned above, we are under strict confidentiality agreements and cannot divulge project specific information. Project locations include USA, Central America, South America, Southeast Asia and Africa, and include specific protocols, assessments and sales associated with CCX, VCS, California Climate Action Reserve (CCAR) and over-the-counter-markets.

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