Camp Blanding, Florida

Since May 2007, ESI has conducted over 15 projects for the Florida Army National Guard that included a cultural resource assessment survey of six training areas and ESI performed Phase II evaluations of 11 potentially eligible sites. The fieldwork strategies during the Phase I investigations included pedestrian inspection coupled with subsurface testing at 12.5, 25, 50, and 100-meter intervals as well as judgmentally throughout the project tract. The results of the Phase I survey included the recordation of 25 new archaeological sites and the survey of two previously recorded sites (8CL140 and 8CL1222).  None of these resources revealed characteristics to suggest further work would generate significant new data; therefore these sites were considered ineligible for NRHP listing.

The fieldwork strategies during the Phase II investigations included a pedestrian inspection coupled with shovel tests dug at 12.5 and 25-meter intervals along with 1 x 2 meter excavation units. The results of the Phase II evaluations indicate that all 11 sites have low potential to produce new data regarding the local prehistory or history due to their lack of cultural features, lack of diagnostic artifacts, and poor site integrity.  Therefore, these sites are not considered eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places, and no further work was recommended.

Camp Blanding State of Florida Historic Marker
Present Day Mess Hall at Camp Blanding

Historic Photo of Mess Hall at Camp Blanding

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