ESI Cemetery Studies

D39nSvyWsAAwC4s Environmental Services, Inc  Environmental Services, Inc. (ESI) has documented many cemeteries throughout the United States; including city and county-wide studies as well as for single cemetery documentation for development projects.

In addition to large scale cemetery surveys, ESI has also identified human remains associated with marked and unmarked graves. Human remains are usually protected by a preservation easement whenever possible. In certain circumstances, ESI has gained permission to remove and repatriate prehistoric and historic remains on several occasions.


ESI expertise in cemetery    studies:   

  • Genealogy documentation 
  • Cemetery delineation  
  • Cemetery mapping using  GPS
  • Grave removal/repatriation
  • Human osteological identification/analysis  
  • Gravestone analysis/repair
  • Cemetery preservation and restoration  coordination
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*ESI does not provide engineering or land surveying services in North Carolina and such services in North Carolina are contracted to appropriately licensed individuals and firms.

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