City of Oviedo Phase I and II Historic Resource Survey, Florida

In 2006 the City of Oviedo contracted with ESI to perform a two phase historic structure survey and evaluation.  The goal of the survey was to identify and evaluate the significance of the historic standing structures in the Lake Charm neighborhood and Downtown Oviedo. The Scope of Work outlined by the City included background research, the development of a chronology of historical events, identification of significant individuals in the Oviedo area; completion of fieldwork necessary to carry out an inventory of historic structures in the area; preparation of Florida Master Site Files for historic buildings and updates for previously recorded buildings; preparation of a survey map of the project area; and preparation of a final report containing all of this information and meeting the standards of  the grant agency.

During Phase I, a total of 151 resources were documented, including structures, a water tower, and historic railroad tracks. Sixteen of the resources were identified to be potentially eligible for listing on the NRHP.  Additionally, three resource groups were identified and recorded.  Recommendations for the City included the implementation of legislation to protect Oviedo’s historic resources, as well as promoting the heritage and history of the town through the development of Historic Districts and nominating structures to the NRHP. All deadlines were met for completion of this project.

In 2007 ESI began the second phase of the Oviedo Historic Structure Survey.  This survey included the analysis of structures in the outlying areas of Oviedo encompassing the communities of Slavia, Jamestown, and Black Hammock along with the unincorporated areas surrounding Geneva, Chulutoa and Winter Springs.  This survey involved a pedestrian survey of the structures along with historical background research of the communities.  ESI also prepared SmartForms for each structure and a final report detailing the survey findings and recommendations.

During the course of the survey 270 buildings, 11 resource groups, and one water tower were inventoried.  Sixty two buildings that had been previously recorded with the Florida Master Site File were determined to be destroyed bringing the total number of resources surveyed to 344.  Eight structures were determined to be potentially eligible for listing on the NRHP.  Based on the results of the Phase I and II surveys ESI recommended the development of five National Register Historic Districts, including Downtown Oviedo, and the communities of Slavia, Black Hammock, Jamestown, and the Whites Fish Camp community.  All deadlines were met for completion of this project.

Historic Lake Charm Memorial Chapel
Seaboard Airline Railroad Train Depot

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