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ESI provides the following services:


Permitting and Compliance
Wetland Assessments
Endangered and Threatened Species
Soil and Site Evaluations
Aquatic and Marine Assessments
Erosion and Sediment Control


Environmental Services, Inc. (ESI) offers sophisticated environmental impact assessments, development of regional impact studies and wetland mitigation, ESI further assists clients through the environmental permitting process including preparation of appropriate applications, tracking during regulatory agency processing and supporting clients with monitoring for permit compliance.

ESI's Ecology Division performs studies for terrestrial, freshwater, estuarine, and marine systems, as well as botany, wildlife biology, wetland ecology, and water quality studies. ESI has been involved with a variety of development projects, including: new schools, highways, transmission lines, airports, harbors, parks, landfills, waste water treatment facilities, residential subdivisions, new communities, and commercial/industrial enterprises.

A considerable portion of our work is related to wetlands, and much of it is done for clients and their representatives who value our site analysis services for pre-purchase due diligence and for development of site plans. These studies have direct applicability in determining the potential need for dredge and fill permits from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as well as from state and local regulatory agencies.

ESI employees efficiently guide clients through the regulatory process, providing appropriate and innovative solutions for each project, whether it comprises one acre or thousands of acres.

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Environmental Services, Inc.  Environmental Services, Inc

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