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Environmental Services, Inc. is under contract with St. Joe Company to perform routine construction compliance inspections of the water quality of two major (and two minor) creek systems which flow through the property. Orange Grove Branch and Kendall Creek are two well-defined, linear stream systems that run through RiverTown DRI property. ESI is contracted to provide quarterly surface water quality monitoring to insure that any construction-related development activity does not impair the waters of the State of Florida. ESI designed and implemented a Water Quality Monitoring Plan for RiverTown DRI and continues to monitor the health of the waterbodies as RiverTown DRI progresses through its multi-stage development. ESI routinely monitors these watersheds for any signs of ecological disturbances which include sedimentation, increasing nutrient loads, increasing bacteriological pathogens, and changes in macroinvertebrate (biological) communities. Biological indicators are typically a good primary tool to monitor watershed health without having to analyze the water for the full suite of conventional and non-conventional pollutant parameters.

Many state and local governmental entities, under regulations and guidance of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, have determined site-specific protective values of certain waterbodies through the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) process. It evaluates land use categorizations and models discharge loadings from known point source discharges as well as an estimated non-point source loading from agricultural operations and other non-regulated sources of pollutant loading. As the Lower St. Johns River basin has an established for nutrient impairment, St. Joe, the RiverTown project team, and ESI understand the importance to provide quality advice and sound monitoring of not only nutrient concentrations of any surface water runoff, but all other conventional water quality parameters the conditions of these creeks to prevent further degradation of an impaired waterbody and to insure that its waters meet all applicable rules under the Clean Water Act.


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