Endangered and Threatened Species

Environmental Services, Inc. (ESI) is experienced in coordinating studies of Endangered and Threatened species. With the passage of the Endangered Species Act of 1973 and subsequent amendments, Congress mandated protection of those plant and animal species considered to be in danger of extinction.

Subsequently, state and local agencies have exerted similar authority over many plants and animals within their respective jurisdictions. ESI employees regularly perform field surveys to document the presence or absence of potential habitat and conduct surveys for protected species and, if they are determined to be present, guide our clients to meet legal requirements of habitat use in these areas.

We have conducted habitat surveys and assessments on thousands of acres of land, and we have worked with numerous species developing Habitat Conservation Plans and coordinating incidental taking and relocation permits when necessary.

ESI employees take a multidisciplinary approach to the development of species management plans. By incorporating our knowledge of wildlife, forestry and community ecology into the foundation of land management plans, ESI maximizes value for our clients while still meeting regulatory goals.

ESI Endangered and Threatened Species Services:

• Protected Species Assessments, Permitting and Monitoring
• Habitat Conservation Plans
• Protected Plant Surveys and Rescues
• U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Section 7 and Section 10 Consultations
• Wildlife Conservation Areas (Mitigation Banks)
• Predictive Modeling

Representative Projects:

Northern Right Whale Survey

Silverleaf Plantation

Environmental Services, Inc.  Environmental Services, Inc

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