Chicopee Woods Stream Mitigation Bank

Environmental Services Inc. was selected to design, restore and construct a network of stream channels comprising an entire watershed on the Elachee Nature Center property located in Gainesville, Georgia. The project providesfor the restoration and rehabilitation of Walnut Creek and a number of its primary tributaries. The project includes relocating the stream away from the toe-of-slope and forming a more natural stream pattern, aquatic fauna baseline, and yearly sampling and yearly geomorphic assessment.

This project is ground-breaking in that it is the first local non-profit sponsored mitigation bank. It is among the first to forge partnerships on water issues between the City of Gainesville, Elachee Nature Center, GAEPD officials and USEPA professionals.In total, Chicopee Woods Mitigation Bank will provide for restoration and/or enhancement of approximately 352 acres and approximately 39,315 linear feet of stream and riparian buffer. The restoration will be conducted in seven phases and will generate a total of 225,853 stream credits.

The primary service area of the Chicopee Woods Stream Mitigation Bank is the Upper Oconee watershed, defined by Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC) 03070101. The secondary service area will be the Upper Ocmulgee, HUC 03070103 and the Upper Savannah HUC 03060104 and 03060105. The Chicopee Woods Stream Mitigation Bank is located with the Piedmont Physiographic Province eco-region.


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