Southeast Toyota Cedar Creek

Environmental Services, Inc. was contracted by Mitigation Solutions, Inc. to provide construction management, planting, monitoring, and maintenance services for an 11.14 wetland creation area which was created as mitigation for wetland impacts associated with the construction of the Southeast Toyota Automobile Processing Facility in Duval County, Florida. The Southeast Toyota mitigation area @ Cedar Creek is comprised of 10.24 acres of off-site forested wetland creation composed of five unique cells. The wetland creation is bordered by 0.90 acres of upland ecotones.

Construction activities were monitored to ensure proper acreage and elevation criteria were met. The designated wetland and upland areas were then planted with appropriate tree and shrub species at a density of approximately 440 stems per acre for a total of 4,713 trees and 2,865 shrubs.

In order to satisfy Federal and State permit conditions, survivorship of planted species within the wetland creation area and upland ectones was monitored annually for five years to ensure the establishment of a viable wetland ecosystem. Maintenance of each area, through hand and chemical treatment, was also performed on a quarterly basis to eradicate any Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP)-listed exotic/invasive plant species. The final monitoring report was submitted in 2007, and the project met all success criteria and was approved by both state and federal agencies. Ryan Taylor was the project manager, and Brian Thompson and staff conducted all field work and report writing.


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