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Environmental Services, Inc. (ESI) employees possess industry leading technical expertise in science and regulatory issues associated with wetlands and streams.

In addition to wetlands and streams regulated by the federal government under the Clean Water Act of 1972, overlapping wetland and stream regulations have been adopted by some state, regional and local regulatory agencies. Frequently, wetland and stream permits are required from more than one agency.

ESI employees are experienced in the application of the 1987 Corps of Engineers Wetlands Delineation Manual (including its supplements) and methodologies of various state agencies. Delineation and characterization of wetlands and streams greatly assist in defining regulatory issues. ESI has delineated thousands of miles of jurisdictional wetlands throughout United States, especially in the Southeast.
Environmental Services, Inc

Stream Restoration

ESI works with clients to achieve project objectives while minimizing impacts and permitting requirements. We have been involved in numerous innovative wetland planning studies incorporating Wetland Evaluation Technique (WET), Habitat Evaluation Procedure (HEP), Hydrogeomorphic Assessment (HGM), Advanced Identification (ADID), Landscape Ecosystem Classification (LEC), Wetland Rapid Assessment Procedure (WRAP), and Uniform Mitigation Assessment Method (UMAM).

When impacts require compensatory mitigation, ESI can assist with designs and implement wetland restoration plans, supervise restoration construction, acquire and install plant materials, and monitor and report restoration success

Representative Projects:

Regatta Bay

Cumberland Harbour Natural Heritage Trust

Waterways Township

Nocatee, Florida

Environmental Services, Inc.  Environmental Services, Inc

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