Cumberland Harbour Natural Heritage Trust

ESI recently completed an intensive biological assessment of the Cumberland Harbour property for inclusion in the Georgia Natural Heritage Program, Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  ESI developed the format and methodology for this assessment with the help of the DNR using guidelines from The Nature Conservancy and from a similar program in Virginia through the Department of Conservancy and Recreation – Division of Natural Heritage. The results of our studies will become a part of a database for a nationwide system coordinated by NatureServe.

ESI completed various biological studies over a three-year period including assessments for the presence and habitat of rare, threatened or endangered plants and animals, assessment of rare or significant plant communities, assessment of natural landscape features and assessment of significant ecosystems and natural communities.

The purpose of this assessment was to assist the regulatory agencies involved in decision-making concerning land use, natural resource management and to guide development of this coastal Georgia property in an environmentally sensitive, responsible manner.


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