Waterways Township

Bryan County, GA

Environmental Services, Inc. performed due diligence and permitting services on 2,300-acre mixed residential, commercial, and golf development.  Following due diligence phase of this project, Section 404 Clean Water Act permitting was pursued and successfully acquired from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to fill 36-acres of wetland to accommodate this project.  This included US EPA, USFWS, GADNR-EPD, and numerous non-government organization involvements.  ESI then completed the wetland delineation, endangered and threatened species survey, agency coordination, cultural and historic resources evaluation, permitting for a tidal crossing bridge and infrastructure permitting associated with the development of Waterways Township.

ESI’s infrastructure work on this property included successfully permitting a lagoon system for storm water retention/detention.  ESI was able to procure an individual permit for this development that included 27.7-acres of jurisdictional wetlands and 8.9-acres of isolated wetlands requiring impact to create this system. The lagoon system consists of a series of lakes that provided the main source of fill material for the construction of the development. The lakes create an aesthetic landscaping feature and serves as a storm water retention system which allows storm water from the 2,230-acre development to remain onsite.  Additionally, ESI coordinated this stormwater system to be utilized as a navigatable boat basin within the development and facilitated its construction to support game fish as a Bill Dance Signature Lake.

Environmental Services, Inc.  Environmental Services, Inc

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