Arboricultural Assessments and Landscaping Planning

Environmental Services, Inc. (ESI) staff performs arboricultural assessments throughout the United States, with projects ranging in scale from single trees of critical aesthetic or liability concern to nearly 36,000 trees. These services are performed by a Certified Arborist through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), and typically are guided by standard practices of assessment and best management practices defined by ISA.

A typical arboricultural assessment is a review of the structural and health conditions of individual trees, along with recommendations for remediation based on the goals for the project site. Assessments require a site visit, where an arborist will visually inspect the tree. In rare circumstances the arborist may perform more intensive inspections, requiring ascent of the tree, the removal of stem cores, and similar techniques. Depending on the current or proposed use of the site input from the landowner, land manager, or project manger may be required to provide background information and information on objectives. Specific information on defects noted, a review of the tree’s general condition, and management recommendations will be documented in a report supported by photographs.

ESI has completed a variety of arboricultural assessments for clients throughout the southeastern United States. ESI certified arborists are familiar with regulatory procedures and ISA best management practices throughout the region, which allows us to address all of our client’s needs related to arboricultural assessments.

Arboricultural Management Services include:

• Protected Tree Inventories
• Tree Health/Arboricultural Assessments
• Municipal Street Tree Inventories
• Landscape Design and General Consultation

Representative Projects:

Arboricultural Tree Inventories

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