Arboricultural Tree Inventories

Tree Inventory and Assessment, City of Charlottesville (2008)
Charlottesville, Virginia
ESI staff performed an inventory and assessment of approximately 4,500 street trees and trees within public parks within the city of Charlottesville, Virginia.  In addition to collecting baseline data on location, species, and size, an analysis of hazard (based on the ISA hazard rating system) and value (based on the ISA trunk-based valuation) was conducted.  ESI staff involved included Scott Sager, Dell Golson, Shawn McMahon, Vincent Condon, and Janice McMahon.

Ecological Assessment and Visitor Risk Review, City of Palm Bay (2006)
Brevard County, Florida
The City of Palm Bay, Brevard County, Florida manages three conservation parks which were significantly damaged by the 2004 hurricanes.  Staff performed a comprehensive risk assessment of trees associated with a network of trails and boardwalks, collecting data on location, species, and size, as well as assessing hazard and providing maintenance recommendations.  ESI staff involved included Scott Sager and Janice McMahon.

Crane Island Tree Health Assessment and Inventory  (December 2006 – ongoing)
Nassau County, Florida  Crane Island, located along the inter-coastal waterway in Nassau County, Florida is currently owned by a private development firm.  This firm requested a tree inventory and health assessment be provided for all island trees in response to public concern over the development of the island and to assuage concerns that proper mitigation would not be provided for impacts to trees.  ESI certified arborists conducted a 100% tree inventory and health assessment of approximately 6,000 trees and provided the client a report of our findings.  This information will be used as a tool to prevent impact to healthy and/or more valuable trees when designing a site plan for the property.


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