Land Management Planning

Environmental Services, Inc. (ESI) offers comprehensive land management planning, including the assessment of current conditions and the development of integrated resource management plans addressing the enhancement of ecological conditions, maximization of revenue, and the improvement of recreational opportunities. This includes the opportunity to generate non-traditional revenue from ecosystem services such as carbon credits, wildlife habitat credits, wetland mitigation credits, and recreational leases, as well as connecting landowners with funding from government cost-share programs, non-profit conservation groups, and similar.

ESI staff are qualified and licensed to practice forestry throughout the eastern United States, including staff recognized as Certified Foresters by the Society of American Foresters (SAF). In addition, they are adept at using spatial data management tools such as Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and working with a variety of stakeholders on complex projects.

ESI provides the following Land Management Services:

• Resource Management Planning (including agricultural exemption, stewardship and BMP Management Plans)

• Integrated Land Planning for Optimum Financial Benefit

• Identification and Capitalization of Ecosystem Service Credits

• Forest Carbon Project Development

• Third-Party Consultation and Dispute Resolution (expert witness)

Environmental Services, Inc.  Environmental Services, Inc

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