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Industrial Hygiene Services  Environmental Services, Inc

Environmental Services, Inc. (ESI) conducts air monitoring, air permitting, occupational health evaluations, noise monitoring, confined space surveys, lead surveys, and a variety of other related studies*.

ESI personnel have also completed numerous asbestos surveys, ranging from limited inspections as part of Phase I ESAs to more comprehensive and detailed asbestos building surveys at industrial facilities. ESI maintains a staff of properly trained and accredited personnel who serve as air monitors, inspectors, and project managers for abatement of commercial, industrial, manufacturing, and health care facilities, as well as private residences.

ESI personnel are experienced in managing asbestos abatement projects to ensure timely, cost effective project completion by abatement contractors and to ensure proper air monitoring and documentation. ESI professionals can also provide modeling of highway air and noise projects, including the applicable reporting requirements.

Environmental Regulatory Compliance - ESI personnel have a broad base of experience and expertise in conducting ECAs at a wide variety of commercial and industrial facilities. ESI personnel are experienced in developing tank management programs, SPCC Plans, performing RCRA Subtitle C and D investigations, CERCLA, SARA Title III, ARCS IV, OSHA and other solid waste, hazardous waste, and industrial hygiene projects as well as consumptive use, storm water, and wastewater projects.


Storm Water Permitting, Planning, and Monitoring – ESI provides storm water permitting assistance, planning, and monitoring for industrial facilities and construction sites regulated under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program.

Environmental Services, IncI Industrial Hygiene Services

ESI personnel have been trained to identify and implement best management practices (BMP), including the design of structural BMPs such as storm water wetland systems, filtration systems, and bioretention/biofiltration systems as well as various non-structural BMPs.

Soils, Geological, and Hydrogeological Studies - ESI conducts project-specific combinations of soils, geological and hydrogeological studies, including Phase II and Phase III site investigations, groundwater modeling studies, design of groundwater monitoring systems, fracture trace analysis, geophysical analysis, petrographic services, seismic surveys, soil studies, and other similar investigations related to permitting projects at solid and hazardous waste sites.

Safety Program Development
- ESI develops site-specific safety programs for municipal and industrial clients, covering such items as the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard 29 CFR 1910.1030, the Noise Standard 29 CFR 1910.95, the Confined Space Standard 29 CFR 1910.146, the HAZCOM Standard 29 CFR 1926.59, and the Lock Out/Tag Out Standard 29 CFR 1910.147.

Personnel Training
- ESI conducts on-site personnel training for regulatory compliance with OSHA and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements. Clients realize significant cost savings through in-house training for compliance with OSHA, HAZCOM, RCRA, and other personnel training requirements. Additionally, ESI personnel can conduct on-site training and field sampling protocols for implementation of site-specific health and safety plans.

Industrial Hygiene Services provided by Environmental Services, Inc. (ESI) include:

• OSHA Personnel Sampling
• Noise Surveys
• Pre-Demolition Hazardous Materials Surveys
• Lead-Based Paint Sampling

*Recent foreclosures and short sales of homes have left many properties vacant, vandalized and abandoned. These homes are then susceptible to water intrusion and damage that can further reduce value. Environmental Services, Inc. (ESI) can provide an evaluation of the interior of the residence to increase the marketability of the property.

Some of the services ESI provides are:
• Building Evaluations
• HVAC Inspections: Filtration, Condensate Pan, Drains, Coils, Interior Insulation
• Biological Testing: Mold/Fungi, Bacteria, Dust Mites, Pollen
• Moisture Testing of Building Substrates
• Temperature and Relative Humidity: ASHRAE Recommended Standards
• Carbon Monoxide
• Carbon Dioxide
• Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s): Off Gassing of Building Materials
• Particulates: Respirable and Non-Respirable
• Asbestos, lead, and Radon Sampling
• Chinese Drywall Identification/Off-gassing Assessment

Representative Projects:

Nassau County Hospital Annex

Starcrest Hotel

Florida School For Deaf & Blind

*ESI does not provide engineering or land surveying services in North Carolina and such services in North Carolina are contracted to appropriately licensed individuals and firms.

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