Petroleum and Hazmat Storage Tank Management

Hazmat Storage Tank Management Environmental Services, Inc  Environmental Services, Inc. (ESI) professionals have managed numerous CAs involving a variety of contaminants, including petroleum products, metals, PCBs, pentachlorophenol, acids, caustics, herbicides, pesticides, dry cleaning solvents and other suites of contaminants.  Many of these projects have resulted in the completion of Remedial Action Plans and site remediation involving coordination with environmental regulatory agencies.

ESI has relationships with a network of lenders, commercial realtors, and investors to assist in funding for client upgrade projects and any pending commercial property transaction involving a site that requires a system upgrade.

ESI facilitates the provision of State funds to assist with any contamination cleanup performed during an early upgrade under the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Limited Source Removal Initiative (LSRI).

Tank Closure Assessments
ESI professionals have completed numerous UST and AST closure assessments and are conversant with regulatory protocols for UST closures and compliance, including UST upgrades for the FDEP December 31, 2009 deadline.

These projects have resulted in subsequent CSAs/ Contamination Assessments, CAPs, and site remediation.

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Hazmat Storage Tank Management

Fuel System and Storage Tank Upgrade
All underground storage tanks in Florida must be double walled or have some other type of secondary containment as of December 31, 2009.

Facilities that do not meet this deadline will receive fines of up to $5,000 per day until a contractor initiates a fuel system upgrade. Environmental Services, Inc.’s (ESI) and our Petroleum Storage Systems Specialty Contractor (PSSSC) provide expedient fuel system upgrades as well as existing system removal and closure assessment.

FDEP Petroleum Pre-Approval Program
The Florida Petroleum Cleanup Program encompasses the technical oversight, management, and administrative activities necessary to prioritize, assess, and cleanup sites contaminated by discharges of petroleum and petroleum products from stationary petroleum storage systems.

These sites include those determined eligible for state funded cleanup using preapproval contractors designated by the property owner or responsible party and state lead contractors under direct contract with the Department, as well as non-program or voluntary cleanup sites that are funded by responsible parties.

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