Eastland/Williams Cattle Dipping Vat

Environmental Services, Inc. (ESI) completed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and Phase II ESA for the property located north of Race Track Road in southern Duval County and northern St. Johns County, Florida.  The Phase I ESA identified a former cattle dipping vat adjoining the property boundary on a wooded out-parcel, which signified a potential environmental impact to the site and required a Phase II ESA investigation.

The objective of the Phase II ESA was to identify the presence or absence of any subsurface soil and/or groundwater contamination from the former cattle dipping vat.  ESI installed a total of 11 soil borings from ground surface to 15-feet below grade.  Soil borings were installed by direct push technology and were located along the boundaries of the out-parcel adjacent the adjoining former cattle dipping vat.

ESI collected a total of 33 composite soil samples in 2 foot intervals to a depth of 6 feet below grade and collected 11 groundwater samples from 15 feet below grade in order to assess the potential environmental impact to on-site soils and groundwater.  Soil and groundwater samples were sampled for arsenical and chlorinated pesticide concerns.  The Phase II ESA results did not indicate impacts to on-site soils or groundwater.  

Based on the results of the Phase II ESA, on-site soils and groundwater were not impacted from the former cattle dipping vat.  Accordingly, ESI did not recommend additional environmental assessment of the property.  The current property owner is now evaluating the potential inclusion of the cattle dipping vat out-parcel into the site development plan.  ESI has developed a Contamination Assessment Plan that will define the site’s lithological and hydrogeochemical characteristics and vertically and horizontally delineate the extent of any soil and groundwater impacts within the out-parcel.  Once a contaminant mass is acquired, ESI will evaluate the most cost effective treatment technologies and prepare a Remedial Action Plan to actively remediate identified soil and groundwater conditions.


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