Wilson Tract

The Wilson Tract comprises 18,225 acres of undeveloped wooded land located south of State Road 206 and intersected by County Road 204, in St. Johns and Flagler Counties, Florida.  At the time of the assessment, the property was mostly pine stands at various stages of development with low-lying depressional areas and native woodlands throughout.  Improvements to the property included a vast network of unpaved trailroads, water-filled borrow pits, canals, ponds, and ditches.

A seasonal hunting camp was located on the north-northeastern portion of the property that included numerous camping trailers with septic tanks and a potable groundwater well with a pump and associated plumbing; various hunting stands, animal feeders and pens were located throughout the site.

The Phase I ESA was conducted in conformance with the scope and limitations of American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard Practice E1527-05, which meets the requirements for all appropriate inquiries as outlined by EPA in “Standards and Practices for All Appropriate Inquiries”, 40 CFR Part 312.  Using a helicopter and licensed pilot, ESI personnel completed an aerial flyover of the property to assess the current conditions of the property.   Subsequently, the property was accessed by a pedestrian and vehicular reconnaissance of the property, including, but not limited to, all on-site areas with evidence of past use or disturbance, trail roads and accessible boundary areas, especially adjoining areas of present or previous use or disturbance, and trail roads.  Inspection was also made of accessible adjoining and nearby properties, roads and trail roads to identify potential recognized environmental conditions in connection with the property. 

Research on historical use of the property and adjoining/nearby properties included review of historical topographic maps dating from 1980 and historical aerial photographs dating from 1943, and interviews of property owner and timber management representatives, and local government agency personnel.  A review of regulatory database records, as specified in ASTM Standard Practice E 1527-05, was completed to identify potential recognized environmental conditions in connection with the property.  A report was prepared documenting the findings, opinions and conclusions regarding the presence or absence of recognized environmental conditions in connection with the property and signed by an EPA-defined Environmental Professional (EP).


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