Soil and Groundwater Assessments

Soil and Groundwater Assessment Environmental Services, Inc 

Environmental Services, Inc.’s (ESI) Site Assessment and Remediation team utilizes comprehensive vertical and horizontal assessment data and hydro geologic parameters to designs site specific cleanup plans for client sites. 

Whether the goal is interim remedial action or source removal, active remediation, or long-term, passive remediation in the form of natural attenuation monitoring, we will choose the most cost-effective cleanup method and facilitate regulatory agency oversight and approval of the project from commencement to completion of a site rehabilitation completion order or no further action status.

ESI is a certified geology and engineering firm in multiple states throughout the United States.

Remedial Action Implementation - Following Phase II ESAs, ESI evaluates remediation options and assists the clients in selecting the most cost effective option. Implemented remediation methods include land farming, thermal treatment, and disposal of contaminated soils. ESI is an approved contractor for the Petroleum Cleanup Pre-approval Program; the FDEP approves the company's cleanup qualifications (#1057). Further, the company has also operated under the North Carolina and South Caroline pre-approved programs. The company also maintains State-required Quality Manuals and adheres to regulatory field sampling Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Soil Suitability
Soil Suitability Assessments (SSAs) provide valuable information about the soil’s ability to support development improvements.

Soil suitability tests allow planners, developers and builders to make decisions on how to best utilize a site and how they can reduce potential negative impacts to the environment.

Soil suitability testing is a pre-purchase, due diligence service.

Environmental Services, IncI Soil and Groundwater Assessment

Industrial Storm Water Planning and Monitoring
ESI provides storm water permitting assistance, planning, and monitoring for industrial facilities and construction sites regulated under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program.

Representative Projects

Braddock Cattle Dipping Vat Contamination Assessment

Environmental Services, Inc.  Environmental Services, Inc

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