Middleburg Cattle Dipping Vat Remediation

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The Middleburg Cattle Dipping Vat site is located in northern Clay County, Florida in a rural area beginning to undergo development as a planned mixed use community.

The site is located on a former cattle ranch that operated in the 1950s to 1970s. The cattle dipping vat was used in conjunction with the ranch operation.

The periodic dipping of cattle and other livestock was required by the Federal government as part of the cattle tick eradication program from 1906 to late 1961. Arsenic was originally used as the eradicate, and later in the 1940s and 1950s, the use of chlorinated pesticides occurred. An initial Phase II Environmental Site Assessment was conducted in July 2002 to identify the presence or absence of contaminants associated with the vat. The presence of soil and groundwater impacts by arsenic was identified in the immediate vicinity of the vat. Although under Florida law the property owner had no responsibility to cleanup cattle dipping vat areas because their use was mandated by a governmental agency, the property owner elected, after consultation with counsel, ESI and Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) staff, to have ESI conduct a compre

ESI prepared a Contamination Assessment Plan approved by FDEP and implemented an intensive Contamination Assessment from 2002-2003. The Assessment identified soil and groundwater impacts, primarily from toxaphene and BHC within an area of 5.8 acres, with impacts down to 40 feet below ground surface. A Remedial Action Plan was designed utilizing source removal by excavation of impacted soils, and extensive pumping of groundwater through a network of over 300 dewatering well points and an activated granular carbon treatment system. Subsequent to FDEP approval, ESI coordinated the remedial actions, and completed post-remediation sampling and analysis and site restoration. As a result, the Site Owner/Responsible Party was awarded a Site Rehabilitation Completion Order (SRCO) from FDEP approving No Further Action (NFA) Status for the site and relieving the Site Owner/Responsible Party to conduct additional assessment or remediation.


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