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A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) was conducted on the Shinn Road Parcel as well as an adjoining agricultural property to the west. This assessment identified recognized environmental site conditions signifying the potential impact of hazardous materials and petroleum products to the soil and groundwater of the property.

The property had a long history of citrus and row crop production associated with agro-chemical use including pesticides, herbicides, metals, solvents, and petroleum products. Various widespread locations, including diesel fuel pump water transfer stations, small burn piles, an equipment painting location, and equipment storage areas, were identified as potential de-minimus contamination locations.

Pursuant to the Phase I ESA recommendations, ESI completed Phase II ESA activities at the property. A total of 27 soil borings and 16 groundwater monitoring wellpoints were advanced beneath the approximate top of the groundwater table in the areas of identified environmental concern (adjacent to the maintenance area, chemical storage areas, and crop production fields). Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) field sampling protocols per the FDEP Standard Operating Procedure (FDEP SOP) were followed. The heavy metals arsenic, chromium, and lead, as well as petroleum products and solvents were identified above State of Florida Soil Cleanup Target levels (SCTLs) in soils adjacent to the maintenance shop.

Subsequently, Interim Remedial Action (IRA) and Post IRA soil and groundwater assessment activities were conducted. 526 tons of impacted soils were excavated and removed for off-site disposal. Confirmatory soil sampling and analysis was conducted to confirm the effectiveness of the remedial activities. All confirmatory samples yielded results that were below the laboratory method detection limit or the appropriate SCTLs. Post IRA quarterly groundwater monitoring is currently being completed to qualify the site for a Site Rehabilitation Completion Order (SRCO) and No Further Action (NFA) status with FDEP.


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