Wright’s Dairy Farm Cattle Dipping Vat

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Environmental Services, Inc. (ESI) completed a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and Contamination Assessment for the property located along the north bank of an unnamed tributary to Peter’s Creek west of County Road 315 in Clay County, Florida. The area of concern was a former cattle dipping vat located within the boundaries of Wright’s Dairy Farm.

The objectives of the Phase II ESA and Contamination Assessment were to delineate the vertical and horizontal extent of contamination in soils and groundwater from the existing cattle dipping vat. The cattle dipping vat was used from the early 1900s to the early 1960s for the eradication of the cattle fever tick in Florida.

ESI installed a total of 27 soil borings from ground surface to 24-feet below grade. Soil borings were installed by either a 3.0-inch diameter stainless steel hand auger or by direct push technology. Soil borings were located at the grid nodal points of a 10’ by 10’ grid using the centerline of the cattle dipping vat as the orientation baseline. ESI collected a total of 73 soil and groundwater samples in order to delineate arsenical pesticide impacts. Results indicated arsenic impacts to soils only and did not identify impacts to the site’s groundwater. More than 5,000 tons of impacted soils were delineated and a cost proposal was drafted for the proper removal of the soils to be disposed of at an approved landfill facility.

The original estimate of 5,870.2 tons was based on the State of Florida Soil Cleanup Target Level for arsenic, which was 0.8 mg/kg, or parts per million (ppm) at the time of the original Phase II ESA and Contamination Assessment. On April 17, 2005, the State of Florida raised the SCTL for arsenic, which significantly decreased the original amount of soils at this site proposed for excavation. Applying the new SCTL of 2.1 ppm to the data obtained in 2001 yielded only 320 tons of impacted soils, representing a significant cost savings to ESI’s client.

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