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The Environmental Services, Inc. (ESI) team is familiar with regulatory personnel and procedures and can navigate you through the fuel system upgrade process. ESI performs petroleum facility storage tank projects and can assist with contamination assessment and remediation of impacted properties, installation of biofuel infrastructure, coordination with regulatory agencies, and closure of former petroleum systems.  ESI’s Site Assessment and Remediation Division includes a diverse team of professional geologists, engineers, hydrogeologists, environmental professionals as defined by EPA’s All Appropriate Inquiry Rule (AAI), Certified Hazardous Materials Managers, Registered Sanitarians, industrial hygienists, asbestos inspectors, Indoor Air Quality specialists, Solid and Hazardous Waste specialists, and qualified environmental technicians, all with multiple registrations in several states. 

Petroleum retail stations throughout the United States are faced with meeting impending EPA deadlines for storage tanks upgrade requirements.  For example, petroleum retail stores in the State of Florida are required to upgrade to handle biofuels by 2010. Upgrading retail petroleum facilities to distribute biofuels (biodiesel blends and ethanol-gasoline blends) is a benefit to the environment, consumers, and most importantly, the retailer. Aside from the economic benefits of biofuel system upgrades, biofuels are produced from natural sources and present a reduced environmental impact risk.

State & Federal Biofuel Upgrade Incentives

State and Federal Governments provide several tax incentives and credit programs to assist petroleum retailers with upgrade expenses otherwise not available during installation and/or upgrade of traditional petroleum facilities.  The benefits of biofuel petroleum system upgrades at retail facilities, in turn, makes biofuel accessible to the public and places the petroleum retailer in a leading edge position to meet the increasing demand for biofuel.  Although the benefits of biofuel conversion apply to international markets, typical state and national biofuel upgrade incentives include:

U.S. DOE Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Tax Credit
Federal tax credit equal to 30% of the construction cost of the alternative refueling project up to $30,000 for businesses and $1,000 for individuals (credit can be used separately for multiple properties).

*State Sales Tax Exemption - Refund of sales tax up to $1,000,000 for materials used in the distribution of biofuels including infrastructure, transportation, and storage.

*State Corporate Income Tax Credit - Tax Credit equal to 75% of the capital cost, operation and maintenance costs, and research and development cost associated with the storage and distribution of biofuels up to $6,500,000.00 per year.

*State benefits vary and are based on benefits approved by Florida State Legislature.

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