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The water resource staff of Environmental Services, Inc. (ESI) is experienced in the collection of water quantity and quality data and has been instrumental in the development and implementation of water plans. ESI works with businesses, private agencies and government at all levels to build successful, long-term water sustainability programs.

Developing Dependable Water Resources

The demand for adequate water supplies is increasing in response to environmental conditions (i.e., drought), population growth, and expansion of commercial and industrial operations.  Considerable planning is required to ensure that water is available where and when needed.  The typical water plan will combine a watershed analysis approach with community growth projections to indicate where water is scarce or in surplus.  Water plans also provide guidance on where to install, upgrade, or replace infrastructure (i.e., water treatment facilities, reservoirs, reclaimed water lines, etc.).

Managing Water Quality

Having an adequate water supply is not enough to meet a community’s water demands.  Water must also be of sufficient quality to meet its designated use(s).  Routine monitoring of water systems is required to ensure that there is not environmental degradation.  The most direct means of assessing water quality is the collection of data either through the placement of meters within the water body of interest for immediate or prolonged data gathering, or the collection of samples for laboratory analysis.  Indirect measures that assess the surrounding environment can also be used to assess water quality or the potential for degradation.  These measures may include assessments for erosion and sediment transport or composition of vegetative communities.  The assessment of water quality is an integral part of water planning when determining the need and level of water treatment.

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